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22 June 2014

At the moment I am concentrating all my efforts on my Diploma in Professional Photography. My last assignment was on "Glamour" Photography. Here are the results. A big thanks to isabelle and kiara for heloing out on this one. These lovely girls posed for me for near on 3 hours. Thanks guys! Isabelle is a Zumba instructor. Check out her page here: https://www.facebook.com/ZumbaFitnessWithIsabelle


final-9     final-3



Two Moons

29 March 2014

I have ti say I am pretty pleased with myself! I did my first ever 15 hour wedding day solo! It was for my friend Isabelle's mum and I was ecstatic with the results. Jacqui and Ryan were gerat fun, as were the amazing wedding party. The Reception was at the Manly Skiff CLub which was lovely and there were so many wonderful places for photos in the surrounding area. If you are interested, visit their website



All Grown Up

30 November 2013

I attended my Niece's wedding this weekend. She's all grown up now, but I remember when she was just a wee thing. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day and she snagged herself an awesome guy from what I can tell. Here are some of the images from the day.

th301113-8456  th301113-8277  th301113-8209

Autumn Leaves

26 June 2013

Hello Winter!

img 9394 img 9409


30 May 2013

Every photographer in Sydney was at the Vivid festival this year. So if you can't beat 'em, better join 'em!

img 9204 img 9332

img 9216 img 9291


Beach Bump

1 March 2013

There were just so many beautiful shots of Adela I couldn't choose between them. Can't wait to share photos of little Jakob with you after our upcoming shoot!

img 8810   img 8705


adela0005 img 8753                                        

Fitness Radar

30 January 2013

Meet the lovely Darlean - she is dedicated and focussed and would love to get you into shape. No photoshopping done on those muscles people, they are all her! If you need a personal trainer, email her This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

lean fitness 119lfit pp lean fitness 209lfitpp lean fitness 233lfit

Babies Galore!

28 December 2012

Just before Christmas there were a couple of little bundles of joy that arrived. Each of them just so perfect and such a joy to photograph.

Meet Emma...

jvr2 3003 jvr2 3022

                                       jvr2 3015 

and Jordan.

bv 1012 bv 1014 

            bv 1016 

bv 1025    bv 1029

Big thanks to their parents who were so patient and allowed me plenty of time to shoot their little Christmas gifts!

Collective Talent

16 October 2012

There is a little place in NSW where there is a huge amount of surfing talent all in one location...Here is a sample...

lennox head 017-001 lennox head 029

lennox head 030 lennox head 044

A Little Miracle

6 October 2012

This little guy at 3 weeks was one of my best models...He couldn't have been more well behaved (or cute!) if he'd tried!

kobe gardner 049e   kobe gardner 121e

kobe gardner 313e

kobe gardner 233e

My First Pregnancy Shoot

1 October 2012

They say women glow when they are pregnant...if these photos are any indication then I think they are right!eva pregnancy 030-001 eva pregnancy 042 pp

eva pregnancy 020 2



Bridge Romance

3 July 2012

It's freezing right??!! Well spare a thought for me hanging out in a park, which was about 10 degrees colder than anywhere else in Sydney, in the dark, trying to get a good shot. I'm happy to say it was worth it!

For a while now I have been in love with the Cammeray Bridge. Everytime I pass the bridge I am enraptured by it. I don't know if it is the sandstone, the turrets or the soft lighting but I think it is the most beautiful bridge I have seen despite the sad events that have surrounded it recently (see the article below).

I dont feel my photo does it as much justice as seeing it up close, but I think it is beautiful anyway! To read some of the history of the bridge visit: http://arthurstace.blogspot.com.au/2010/05/cammeray-bridge.html

bridges 035-001

On my way home I stopped by another bridge - the foot bridge in St Leonards and took another shot I was happy with there too. All round a successful night!

bridges 068

Thanks to Lachie and Leeroy for coming along and not leaving me alone in a deserted park at night!! not sure I would have hung around quite so long to get the shot had I been there on my own!

I'm going to start selling some of my images with quotes on them. If you are interested email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , I would love to hear from you!



Alleyway Light

24 June 2012

 My first wedding photoshoot, how exciting and terrifying at the same time! Not only was it the first wedding I have had to shoot solo, it was also the most difficult lighting situation I have encountered. Any of you out there who take photos know how important it is to have ample amounts of light for a good shoot. The Wedding was at night in a dimly lit restaurant - I had no idea what I was going to do!

Being the resourceful amateur photographer, without loads of equipment - like working flashes and soft boxes for example - I quickly pulled together some props that I thought might help! Using my trusty camping lantern and a second hand LED light I purchased for next to nothing, I quickly set up some lighting in a nearby alleyway. I wasnt unhappy with the results! My camping lantern actually made a heart shaped light on the wall - fabuloous!!

Thanks to Racheal and Ben for taking a chance on me to capture their wedding memories - it was the best learning experience I have had to date. I can imagine their sceptisim when I asked them to come to a dark alleyway so I could take photos of them! Their wedding was held at the 3 Weeds Balmain (amazing food - so it was definately no chore to scope out the venue beforehand!http://www.3weeds.com.au/

Racheal and Ben were so patient with me and my equipment malfunctions and their 'Surprise Wedding' was just beautiful! Thanks also to my friends Jon & Dean for lending me their equipment on the day - it was greatly appreciated!

Deano - to say thanks I thought I might pop in a shameless plug for you here - if anyone needs any sort of outdoor equipment, visit Dean at The Frontier either online or at his Crows Nest store - you won't find better or more knowledgeable service! http://www.thefrontier.com.au/


dpp 0013

dpp 0011

dpp 3002 dpp 0016


Shhhh....It's a secret!

24 May 2012

I can't tell you where I was or where it is, becuase it is a secret as designated by the peeps who own the place. The only way to get in there is by invitation. However it was one of the funkiest places I have been to in Sydney. Excellent ambience, excellent music!The place is covered in strange memorabilia from who knows where!

Here are a couple of the images from the night!

caution  img 3467


The World Where You Live

26 March 2012

I am a big Crowded House fan from way back so I have stolen some of their lyrics for the title of todays blog. The reason is because my latest photography assignment is to take photos of the area in which you live. So I hauled myself out of bed to go and take sunrise shots down at my  local wharf. All I can say is amazing! Who knew there were hidden wonders there??

A hidden beach, a mini-waterfall, beautiful old wooden walkways...what more could you ask for and what an excellent assignment! Here are a couple of shots for you to see what I am talking about...

neutral bay sunrise 021      neutral bay sunrise 163     neutral bay sunrise 072 
If you're interested in visiting this little part of the world, here is the ferry timetable for you:


Central Coast Magic

9 March 2012

I am a little late with this post on my blog, but in October last year we made a weekend out of a trip to the Central Coast. I wanted to go there because I discovered an image of Caves Beach on Google and was really curious about the location. I would have to say it is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in New South Wales. It inspired my first set of sunrise shots - wow 5:30am is really early!! 

I was lucky enough to get to the lake and photograph the sunset as well! 

central coast 306 central coast 090-1
central coast 265-1 central coast 298-1 central coast 294-1

That's a big one!

4 February 2012

Recently had a quick camping trip to Bonnie Vale Camp ground in the Royal National Park. It's a beautiful little part of the world, but wow has it got the biggest Monitor lizards I have ever seen!

Apart from the curious wildlife, the campgrounds have some cool abandoned old buildings and dried up mangroves which made for some interesting shots.

If you fancy camping there, you can find all the details on the following link: http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/nationalparks/parkCamping.aspx?id=N0030

img 2826-1  img 2824

img 2817  img 2804 

Congratulations John & Carly

21 January 2012

January has given me the opportunity to take photos at my friend John's wedding. It was a beautiful, heartfelt wedding. One where the speeches make you laugh and the tiniest details were attended to making it just gorgeous. John was so relaxed on the day that he even got out the whipper-snipper to do the lawn before the big event! They had the reception at Pymble Golf Club, which was a great venue! If any of you are planning nuptials check out their website: http://www.pymblegolf.com.au/welcome/index.mhtml   

Congratulations John and Carly, you both looked so in love on the day, it was beautiful to see. Thanks for inviting me and allowing me to capture some of your Kaptivating moments ;-)

dpp 0003    dpp 0016-1

It's the attention to detail on the small things that sometimes make the most beautiful weddings...

dpp 0008-1  dpp 0002-1

dpp 0055-1  dpp 0032-1  

dpp 0035  dpp 0047

dpp 0043-1

dpp 0057-1 

My First Publication...

10 January 2012

Some of you may recall that last year I took some photos for a local touch football charity event. Well the North Shore Heart Research Foundation are using my photos to promote this years event. Check it out. That is my photo being used as the banner! They have also included a link to all the photos I took on the day on the left hand side of their website.

It's a great day out, for a really worthwhile cause - so check it out at: http://www.heartresearch.com.au/sweetheart-challenge.html


Happy New Year!

1 January 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! It has been a while since my last post...but in my defence it has been the silly season and things have been hectic! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and that 2012 brings you everything you ask for!

For me it brought a great first attempt at taking photos of fireworks! These are the results!

fireworks 032  fireworks 072 


Ducati...Hot! Hot! Hot!

25 October 2011

As part of my latest photography assignment, my scope was to capture a person with a vehicle. The photo needed to convey emotion - well I don't know about you ladies out there but this one makes me a little hot under the collar! Thanks to Jon for modelling and Tobias for letting us use his bike! You guys are the greatest!

motorbike 039-1 

Fresh Ideas

25 September 2011

I recently came up with an idea for a funky way to take family portraits without hiring a studio...using a super comfy bean bag! So I enlisted the help of my friends Steve and Eva and their two gorgeous boys - Lachie and Fynn - to test out my new ingenious idea - thanks guys. I find that hiring a studio increases a clients costs so much more, so if I can I like to be able to do my shoots at a person's home, so they feel more relaxed and at ease (and don't have to pay unecessary fees)! So amongst much laughter and giggles I deemed my new idea a success! Here's a sneak peek at this incredibly photogenic family!

 art 694

art 423

Woodies Win!!

24 September 2011

OK so I know I go on about my Rugby alot in my blog, but it is rugby season so I think I am entitled to a quick entry to congratulate Eastwood on their smashing win against Sydney Uni in the Shute Shield. I would also like to thank them for helping me get a great pic for my photography assignment!! Go Woodies!!

eastwood 239

Two Kinds of Art

12 August 2011

I was recently asked to photograph some artwork - a new and interesting challenge for me I have to say! It was great though to be able to mix my art with someone else's!! Jo and Jim are local artists. Jo has won several awards for her artwork and so I thought it would be nice to share some of their work here.

jo art 001-1          art 284          art 300

If you like what you see then visit Jo at her website: www.jojosephsen.com or Jim at his: www.jimjosephsen.com. They are great people and their artwork is definately worth taking a look at!

Winter Warmth

1 July 2011

How beautiful has the weather been in Sydney recently?? Luckily I have been able to get out and enjoy it! Some friends and I took the opportunity to get out in the fine weather and went to the Aquarium at Manly followed by the beach! You can't ask for much more than gorgeous children, sand and sunshine to make for beautiful photos!

aquarium 132 aquarium 145

There were a few interesting things at the Aquarium too...Surely this is the most unpleasant looking fish you will ever see and in the next pic it's hard to believe this little guy is a deadly killer...stay away from those blue rings!!

aquarium 086 aquarium 085

There were some beautiful little creatures there too..

aquarium 084_1

If you have some spare time and feel like a visit to Manly, the Aquarium is definately worth the effort. It is quite small so not too tiring for the kiddies and if you book your tickets online you get a small discount! http://oceanworld.myfun.com.au/

Enjoy our beautiful winter weather everyone!

Gym Photoshoot

1 June 2011

OK so it has been a while since I last gave you an update - but I have been working on a large project for Sydney's largest climbing gym - Climbfit: http://www.climbfit.com.au/

Climbfit asked me to get shots of all their gym classes and facilities so they can update their posters, website and promotional material. Wow, they do ALOT of stuff there - hence why it has taken me so long to update this page!!

They have now updated the home page with one of my Yoga pics and will soon have life sized posters in the gym of my work - Exciting times!

Here are a some samples of what I have been working on:

dpp_0037 dpp_0009

dpp_0004  dpp 0044

A big thanks to my very patient friends who modelled for me and the kids in the gym who let me get as snap happy as I liked! They were fantastic!

If you ever get a chance to pop into Climbfit, you should. It's great fun and the owners - Jim & Jo - are just lovely. Not only that but they seem to attract a really good crowd of people there and the staff are awesome!

Cracking Surf at Manly

1 May 2011

Well the surf was huge at Manly on the weekend and I was so glad to have had my camera with me. Check out what some of these guys can do!

098 036

Awesome day! It was great to see the sun again too!

Easter Fun!

26 April 2011

Ah the Easter Show...it makes you feel like a little kid again doesn't it? It also presented me with a whole new range of photographic challenges! Just how do I get those photos without 100 people walking in front of the camera...and how am I goging to grow a foot to get tall enough to photograph the animals over the fence...and just how am I supposed to get great motor cross shots without being able to fit a tripod in between the seats in the stands??!!

Well the conditions were far from perfect but here is what I came up with after 8 hours at the Royal Easter Show (http://www.eastershow.com.au/)...

These light reflecting ornaments were so incredibly colourful I couldn't resist grabbing a shot of them!

easter sh 021

Of course there is always the obligatory rides...

easter sh 121 

And the little piglets are so adorable!!

easter sh 035 

The stunts at the motor cross were outstanding!

easter sh 176 easter sh 192

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Break and the Easter Bunny was good to you!

Please come back Sunshine..

5 April 2011

I only have 4 words for you all today....Where did Summer go???

img_2275 img_2278 img_2282

Go Tahs!

1 April 2011

So the last couple of weekends we have been going to Waratahs games. I don’t know why but I love my Rugby. What’s not to like really – lots of action and big hunky guys displaying amazing athleticism!! Go Tahs!! I really can't fathom how these guys get up the motivation every day to put their bodies on the line and risk massive amounts of injury, just to entertain their fans...impressive..

This week, seeing as we had pretty good tickets I decided to take my camera with me hoping to get some shots of the team when the action bought them close to where I was sitting. So I got some shots but nothing compares to being on the sideline of the game when it comes to taking photos. Hopefully one day I will be part of the photography team on the sidelines ;-)

What I did find though, was the cutest Waratahs fan ever. Little Hugo came down to the barriers and started chatting to me while I was taking my pics. I asked Hugo if he wanted to be a Waratah when he grew up and his response to me was “Nah, I am going to be an archaeologist…”…priceless huh! I wish I had been as decisive when I was 4!! Hugo also decided that he would like his photo taken too, so meet Hugo:


P.S The Waratahs won ;-) If any of you are keen on checking out the Waratahs, visit their website http://www.nswrugby.com.au/

Touch Footy for Charity

1 March  2011

If you ask my friends, they will tell you that I love my touch footy (almost as much as I love my photography). So when I was given the opportunity to combine them, I jumped at it! The North Shore Heart Research Foundation (http://heartresearch.com.au/) teamed up with the Cammeray Touch Football Association (https://sites.google.com/a/cammeraytouch.com/cammeray-touch/), I jumped at the chance to not only enter a team to raise money for charity, but also to take photographs for them on the day.

It was a great day out, for a fantastic cause! Several celebrities even donated their time on the day!

623  862


Australia Day

26 January 2011

Isn't Australia Day just the best. Not only do you get a day off work but you get to spend the day appreciating how lucky we are to live here. I personally love the foods associated with Australia Day...

jan 2011 001 jan 2011 019

But seriously, how lucky am I to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

sculptures nov 10 047-1

We spent the day going between BBQ's then headed off to the beach for some surfing. Got some awesome pics of some of the guys at Longreef. If you are interested in surfing pics, you will find them in the Gallery under Sports!

Hope you all had a wonderful Australia Day too!

The Rocks Markets

11 January 2011

Wow my first blog and I'd like to start it by saying Happy New Year to you all! For those of you who are interested in keeping up to date with my latest photography happenings, here is the place to do it! So what has been going on lately? Well a couple of weeks ago I happened upon the night markets at the Rocks. Having had very limited experience in night photography I thought this might be a great place to practice. You will find my pics from the night under Places.

A big thanks to Lutz for allowing me to practice on his beautiful display of lights see my pics below or catch Lutz' products at www.livingideas.com.au

sculptures nov 10 069-1 sculptures nov 10 079-1

Thanks must also go to Luke for letting me photograph his incredibly yummy dutch pancakes (mouth watering image below)! Luke's pancakes can be tracked down at www.dutchminipancakes.com.au/

sculptures nov 10 096-1

You will find more of my images from the Rocks Market in the gallery under Places.

Two Kinds of Art

12 August 2011

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